Meet Our Team

Office Manager

Teresa is our go to person for ordering supplies and for managing the office.  She keeps the clinic running smoothly.


Our receptionists are here to answer your questions and schedule appointments.  Eartha and Sarah are here to help you schedule appointments and chose from our selection of over the counter products.


Our technicians are here to help with seeing our patients.  They bring your pet into the exam room, weigh and take their temperature.  They also get a brief history of what is happening with your pet.  April, Pam, Didi, Marie, Soraya, and Keelie are the technicians you may see.  We have a few part time technicians as well, they are Dawn, Janice, and Lacey.


She has worked at Lebanon Animal Clinic since 2002.  Her interest in animals has been evident since she was very young.  She worked at Safe Have Humane society for 2 years befored joining the Lebanon Animal Clinic family.  She enjoys working in surgery and cleaning your pet’s teeth.  She has a Border Collie/Bernese Mountain Dog mix who has helped save the lives of other dogs by donating blood.   She rembers coming to Lebanon Animal Clinc with her parents and having Dr. Myrtue treat their pets.  It is great to work at the place that sparked her interest in veterinary medicine.

“The best thing about working at Lebanon Animal Clinic is seeing the difference I have made in an animal’s life, along with their owner.  It is very rewarding to know you have helped someone’s companion and best friend through a difficult time.  I get to know and love the animals I treat and help .   I like to think of mysefl as their unofficial ‘Auntie’.”


She has been working at Lebanon Animal Clinic since 1996.  Whenshe was little her mom said she wanted to bring all pets and people home to take care of them. Being a technician allows her to do just that.

“I love working with my coworkers.  They are a wonderful group.  I also love our clients and their pets.  Everyone is full of kindness, patience, and love for their pets.”                                                 


She has worked at Lebanon Animal Clinic since 2007. The favorite part of her  job is getting to know the clients and assisting in surgery.  She obtained a certificate in veterinary technology through Linn Benton Community College  and has attended continuing education courses in dentistry, nutrition,  and anesthesia.  She also provides house and pet sitting services.

IShe grew up on a grass seed farm south of Corvallis and has lived all over, from Alaska to the US Virgin Islands and Mexico.  Currently she has a dog named Bo, several cats and a few chickens. She has owned horses, cows and goats in the past.  In her spare time she enjoys quilting, backpacking, downhill and cross country skiing, and photography.  She loves to travel and especially enjoys visiting our National Parks.